ElproMONITOR ElropLog Monitor Elpro Solution

Ecolog Connected Monitoring for Rooms and Equipment

Scalable GxP-compliant environmental monitoring systems for warehouses, labs and cleanrooms – from simple cloud solutions to integrated enterprise solutions.

  • 100 % COMPLIANT

ECOLOG Plug&Play

The elproMONITOR software, preinstalled on the ECOLOG-PRO Base, connects up to 50 measurement points using wired or wireless communication and measurement modules.


This solution offers all the functionalities of the powerful elproMONITOR software, while compatible with existing ECOLOG-NET data loggers and new ECOLOG-PRO modules.

Keep control of your valuable data.

ECOLOG Unlimited

The software elproMONITOR, integrated into IT infrastructure and database, monitors hundreds and thousands of measurement points.


Modular, scalable solution with wired or wireless sensor options, compatible with ECOLOG-NET and the powerful new ECOLOG-PRO loggers.

Manage various sites with a single integrated solution. Full access to server and database infrastructure offers flexibile integration with any other system.