Pharmagraph monitoring

Pharmagraph: EMS - Environmental Monitoring System

Pharmagraph has been developing Facility Monitoring Software for over 20 years and now has three variants in its enVigil family all of which are 21 CFR part 11 compliant:


enVigil FMS: Totally configurable Facility Monitoring System with bespoke validation documentation.

enVigil Lite: ‘Click-To-Configure’ software, supporting MetOne Ethernet based particle counters and Pharmagraph Series 2000 I/O.

enVigil PnP: ‘Click-To-Configure’ software supporting MetOne Ethernet or Serial particle counters, Pharmagraph Series 2000 I/O and Microbiological Air Samplers.

Pharmagraph enVigil PnP v3 Facility Monitoring Software
Logo Pharmagraph enVigil PnP v3 Facility Monitoring Software

enVigil PnP

Monitor, Alarm, Log & Report

Supporting serial or Ethernet particle counters, microbiological sampling and environmental measurements, enVigil PnP helps you maintain compliance with minimal effort. Offering a clear status overview with one click access to trends, concise alarm reports and data export to Microsoft Excel™, enVigil PnP delivers the information you need to maintain compliance without tedious configuration and documentation.

  • Configures a compliant monitoring system in minutes
  • Up to 20 particle counting locations
  • Up to 20 environmental locations
  • Up to 96 microbiological air sampling locations
  • Secure operation using Windows user names and passwords
  • Offers trends, alarm reports and XML data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Supports remote network clients (View Nodes)
  • Includes system verification documents in PDF format
  • Compliant with EU GMP Annex 1 and 21 CFR part 11
Pharmagraph enVigil PnP v3 Facility Monitoring Software

enVigil - FMS

The enVigil-FMS offers a configurable environmental monitoring software system aimed at Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Electronic and Satellite production facilities.

enVigil-FMS has evolved from many years of applications with a need to address the regulatory requirements of EU-GMP, CgMP, GAMP and associated standards.