Since 1991, CMI has become the preferred partner of more than a hundred Laboratories

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ATI 2i cleanroom photometer application
Validation - particle counter - beckman - Compteur de particules met one 3400 CMI Met One 3400 Beckman Particle counter
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Cleanroom Validation

  • Density and integrity test of HEPA filters
  • Classification (up to 0,1 µm)
  • Recovery times
  • Measurement and adjustment of air velocity
  • Microbiological tests (surface and air)
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity
  • Measurement of light and noise intensity
  • Visualization of airflow patterns
  • Tests on your compressed air networks (particles, microbiological, dew points)
  • Microbiological analyses

Human Resources

  • A team of trained professionals
  • Rapid intervention time
  • Advice
  • Adaptability
  • Internal quality service for follow up the intervention reports and the different standards and proceduresand editing of reports

Qualification of Equipment

  • Sterilizer (steam and ethylene oxide)
  • Freeze dryer, pasteurizer
  • Oven, tunnels
  • Thermostatic chambers (freezer, refrigerator, blood bank, cold room…)
  • Environmental chambers (oven, incubator …)
  • Washer-disinfector
  • Laminar flow, biosafety cabinet, fume hood, isolator …
  • Warehouses and storage areas