photomètre et générateurs d'aérosol photometer and aerosol generators

Photometers & aerosol generators

CMI sells and rents aerosol generators and portable ATI (Air Techniques International) photometers designed for many applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, nuclear and dismantling industries as well as for use by professionals working with asbestos and asbestos removal.

Following the acquisition of DOP SOLUTIONS in 2016, ATI has expanded its range of specific instruments for integrity testing of HEPA / ULPA and nuclear filters, the controls and qualifications of insulators, PSM (Microbiological Safety Station), fume hoods. laminar flow, as well as the verification of the tightness of the caissons and vacuum cleaners.


Photomètre ATI 2i

ATI 2i

Digital photometer
Up to 600 micrograms/L

ATI 5D générateur d'aérosol


Thermal aerosol generator
Warm up time 1-2 min

ATI 5D générateur d'aérosol


Cold aerosol generator
Compressor integrated

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The range of ATI TDA-4B and TDA-4B LITE cold aerosol generators is complemented by the ATI 6D generator with built-in compressor.

The new ATI 5D thermal generator replaces the old TDA 5C and DOP 2200 models.

With its ease of use and user-friendly programming, the ATI 2i photometer now becomes the instrument of reference replacing the obsolete TDA 2H, DOP TOUCH 3500 and DOP SP200-B models.

Also available in the range: dilutors to reduce the pressure and concentration of polydispersed aerosol (eg integrity test of filters made with a particle counter), positive injection pumps, fixed injection ports, and of course PAO – EMERY 3004 synthesis oil.