monitoring system JRI

JRI Monitoring System

JRI Wireless Monitoring System is a software for the management and traceability of temperature, humidity and pressure measurements. Wireless data logger with display.
– 3 software packages: Sirius Lite, Sirius Storage and Sirius Web
– Modem, Relays, Digital Recorders, Analogical Radio Frequency

A complete and easy solution for installation and use

JRI Wireless Monitoring System Sirius Web

Sirius Lite

SIRIUS Lite is a single-user software for simplified use (a server PC, a SPY RF ModeM and an unlimited number of SPY RF recorders).

JRI : Wireless Monitoring System - JRI - STORAGE - Wireless system

Sirius web

SiriusWeb, temperature monitoring via the Internet.
SiriusWeb is a turnkey service to control the temperature of your speakers. This fully automated traceability solution allows you to record your temperatures, consult them on the Internet and alert you in case of incidents. Three levels of service are offered: Lite, Gold and Platinum.

Sirius stockage JRI solution de monitoring

Sirius Stockage